A Guide To Ready Mix Concrete

Used for patios, foundations, extensions, and more, ready mix concrete is an essential component of many home improvement projects. Buying ready mix concrete from a supplier is also a cost-effective alternative to mixing concrete yourself from raw materials – and easier too.


What Is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready mix concrete can refer to concrete that is pre-mixed before it arrives on site, so it is ready to pour instantly. Another type of ready mix concrete is mixed on site in volumetric trucks, which means only the concrete you need is mixed, cutting down on wastage and reducing costs. 

Both ready mix options are more convenient than mixing concrete by hand on site. Ordering from a specialist concrete supplier will also ensure that you get exactly the specification of concrete you need for your project.


What Type of Ready Mix Do I Need?

Ready mix concrete is available in different grades, each of which correspond to the strength rating of the mix 28 days after it has been poured. These grades range from C20, a lightweight mix suitable for patios, garden walls, and shed and hot tub bases, to C40, a heavy duty, commercial grade concrete for roadworks and structural beams.

The type of ready mix you need will depend on what it is being used for. Your concrete supplier will be able to recommend the right grade.


How Much Does Ready Mix Concrete Cost?

While some companies charge for ready mix concrete by the drum, finding a company which only charges for the concrete you need is a great way to save money. Volumetric trucks allow concrete suppliers to mix and pour the exact amount of concrete you need, so you will only pay for the concrete you use. This is also useful if you aren’t sure how much concrete you require, or your plans for your project could change.


How Long Does Ready Mix Concrete Last?

Concrete remains workable for about one and a half hours before it starts to go off, however ideally the concrete should be placed and levelled within one hour of being discharged from the truck. It then takes 28 days for the concrete to reach its full strength.


Is Ready Mix Concrete Easy to Pour?

Concrete is in liquid form when it is first mixed, which means it pours easily. Ready mix concrete trucks feature an arm through which concrete is pumped, which allows concrete to be directed to the right place. This is much easier than transporting concrete by wheelbarrow, however many suppliers provide the option of a barrow service where access is difficult.


Can Ready Mix Concrete Be Delivered to Site?

One of the main benefits of ready mix concrete is that it can be delivered directly to your site and, when delivered in a volumetric truck, mixed on site ready for pouring. If your site has awkward or restricted access, ask your concrete supplier if they offer a barrow service. When the truck can’t get close enough, this allows concrete to be wheeled from the kerbside to where it is needed.


Who Supplies Ready Mix Concrete in Stoke-on-Trent?

Pick ‘N’ Mix Concrete is one of the leading suppliers of ready mix concrete in Stoke-on-Trent. We deliver concrete using our fleet of volumetric trucks, which means you only pay for the concrete we pour – whether that is less or more than you planned. 

For a rough estimate of how much ready mix concrete will cost for your project (with no charges for over-ordering if your calculations are off), use our contact form to get in touch or call our team on 01782 980442.

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